WHC was founded by our Director Thomas Silk in 2016 as a Project Management and Engineering Company. 

Different experiences of the Construction Industry has resulted in extensive experiences, leading him to identify what makes a Project successful. 

With an industry experience of over 18 years, we are able to produce solutions and provide an effective service to their Clients. By experiencing the good and bad parts of the Construction Industry we feel improvements can be made to the level of service we provide over our competitors and as a result provide an industry leading service, whilst maintaining competitive pricing to suit the budgets of our Clients. 

Core Beliefs

WHC's Core Beliefs are: 

Due to the ever reducing profit margins on construction projects, Clients are forced to use cheaper subcontractors and if resourcing themselves are often forced to use large amounts of agency labour to keep over-head costs down and often clients look towards value engineering solutions to reduce costs on a project to allow budgets to be met. All of these things usually end in reduced quality of the end product and most times increased cost or time on a project. 

From our experience when a major contractor looks to employ a smaller subcontractor to carry out an element of their works package, there is often a compromise between quality and cost. Where as you may think this is reflected in the final end product quality, it is often more noticeable in the project service and delivery aspect. For example, smaller subcontractors at a much lower price can deliver the project, however the level of input required from the clients’ Project Engineer/ Manager is increased due to the poor quality of the paperwork (Technical Submissions, Technical Queries, HS&E & Progress Reporting) and project delivery (reduced labour resource due to other commitments). 

It is because of these previous experiences that WHC Engineering Management aim to be a market leading small Commercial and Industrial Electrical Contractor and have the firm belief that employing a subcontractor at a competitive, cost effective price should not mean compromising on quality and project support. 

Previous Project Experience 

WHC Engineering Management has experience across a number of sectors within the construction Industry and has been involved in some prestigious buildings throughout the years, including: